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Life is good at the top of the financial food chain... until Sir Harry Lewis gets God, and his new outlook on life spells chaos (and much more upsettingly, no more of those fat, probably-illegal extra paycheques) for his colleagues on the Board.  But the company's founders have an ace up their sleeve: a prototype time machine, acquired years ago as part of a dodgy deal - and they decide to send someone back in time to make friends with Harry's past self, and change his life, keeping him out of God's way and preventing him from ever having become a Christian in the first place.  At least, that was the plan...

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Unbelievers is a drama/comedy series created by Matthew Colclough & Wayne Ashcroft, and co-developed by Robert Steven Hunt.  The production company Sheep Free Productions Ltd was set up to produce the series, created a pilot version of Episode 1 in 2015-2016, and is now looking to partner with a broadcaster to get the full series produced and aired.

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